The customised design service for porcelain and ceramic tableware can vary throughout the process depending on several factors. Here are some of the factors that influence this process:
Design Complexity: The complexity of the design affects how long the process will take. While a simple pattern or logo design can be completed faster, a detailed and unique design can take more time.
Customer Requests: The customer’s wishes and expectations affect the design process. The information provided by the customer determines how the design will take shape. Therefore, discussions and feedbacks with the customer can prolong or accelerate the process.
Material Selection and Production Techniques: The application of the design on the material and production techniques also affect the duration. There are different techniques and processes used in porcelain and ceramic production. For example, handmade ceramics can take more time, while industrial production can be faster.
Production Capacity: The capacity and intensity of the production facility also affects the process. If the facility is busy, the time to produce the design may be longer.
In general, a customised design can take from a few weeks to several months to complete. This process includes steps such as design approval, prototype production, testing and production of the final product. The design time can vary depending on the specificity and detail of the project and the level of co-operation.
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