Porcelain Production: Porcelain is a thin and transparent type of ceramic. It is usually white in colour and fired at high temperatures. Porcelain production includes the stages of mixing raw materials (kaolin, feldspar and quartz), shaping and firing at high temperature. This process produces the hard and durable structure of porcelain.
Deformations: Deformations in porcelain production are factors that adversely affect the shape or structure of the product. These can be seen in the form of cracks, curvatures or surface defects during production. Causes of deformations include raw material quality, forming method, kiln temperature and cooling rate. Manufacturers use various techniques to improve product quality by taking these factors into account.
Technical Support and Consultancy: Porcelain and ceramic manufacturers can receive technical support and consultancy services to optimise production processes and improve quality. These services range from the design of production lines, raw material selection, kiln parameters and product quality control. Experts can increase productivity by providing manufacturers with best practices and innovative solutions.